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Cycle Name Announce Date Begin Marketing Cycle Start Cycle End
Freedom Cycle 04/25 04/27 05/11 06/22
Coming Out Strong 06/21 06/30 07/13 08/31
Fall Fashion 08/29 09/1 09/14 10/26
Surviving the Holiday 10/25 11/2 11/16 12/28

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Freedom Cycle
Did your quarantine weeks look a little too much like this? What happened behind closed doors is coming to an end. Let ProjectMe help you reclaim your freedom for summer!

ProjectMe is two meals a day that you don't have to go to the store to get and workouts that can be done inside your house without having to go to a gym, providing you a great fitness solution as things change back to the new normal.

#projectme, #rightfitt, #weightloss, #fitness

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