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Our Me's have a great time at the photoshoots, different locations and themes, and lots of friends. You get to meet people you've seen online for months, maybe even years and some great friendships have been formed. This is the time to celebrate your achievement and show the world. Don't worry, we know how to pose you, heck we even teach you how to pose. We get your best angles and help you pick out outfits that show off your amazing results. So, getting close to a goal, check out the form and information below and maybe you can be part of the next incredible photoshoot. Our shoots vary based on theme and season, some of the previous shoots were Snow Bunnies, Bikini, Fitness, Little Black Dress, Fashion, Lifestyle, Lingerie and Holiday.

Show the world what you've accomplished, inspire others and reward yourself! We look forward to seeing your results and showing off how amazing you look!!


Each cycle, we feature a theme and the amazing progress of our Me's!

Check with your coach to see if you're ready for the next shoot. We're always looking for great stories and want to feature you if you've gotten to a health BMI (around 18 to 25) or you've made some amazing progress. We have a great time, usually with a group of other women that have made amazing milestones. These images are used by us for our next marketing campaign and we give you a couple images for your use, fully edited, by a professional photographer that you can post to show off, or print to remember your special milestone.

Make sure you're okay with this image as well as your before images being posted on a public site for advertising before you sign up. We'll require the information below prior to shooting. So if you have a great change this cycle, or have met a major milestone, fill out the form below and we'll see if you qualify!

Keep scrolling down the page to find great tips for dressing for your body type and for posing. Don't worry, your photographer will work with you to make you look fabulous.

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The sections below are simply helpful hints and tutorials. You don't have to watch all of them, but a often our me's want to have more information prior to the shoot. These are great resources even outside of a photoshoot. You can simply just show up to the shoot and we'll make you look fabulous. But these are here if you're interested!

But I don't know how to pose!

The photographer will work with you at the shoot to create the best pose and angles for you. All the people featured did not know how to pose prior and many felt uncomfortable taking pictures prior to the shoot. We had one of the Me's that said she was like "Chandler" from "Friends" who always took bad pictures. A few instructions, modifications/body position and viola, they look fantastic, don't you agree?!

We'll cover a lot of this at the shoot, but let's get you a little head start on understanding how posing works. Check out the short videos below and find out some quick tips for getting that perfect selfie/photo.

Workout and Nutrition for the Shoot

This workout and cut routine is for bikini and fitness shoots where you want to show muscle definition under the skin. It is NOT NEEDED for other shoots and would be a lot of work for very little visible progress with a fashion or lifestyle shoot!

The key to getting ready for a shoot, particularly a fitness or bikini shoot is to shred that last water weight out of your system. In addition, people tend to want to work on that hard lower ab area in the week or two prior to the shoot to lift and tighten that problem area. Here is a great lower-ab routine to help you out.

Click here for the Lower ab Tabata style workout

Next up, here is how to get rid of that last, pesky water weight that keeps your muscle tone and definition from showing through. It's a two week process and you can do part of this or all. It's a little intense but it really does bring in some serious definition. If you want to make an even more dramatic shift, you can wrap for the days leading up to the shoot. Tonight put icy hot on the areas you want to shrink water from, the abs, butt, upper legs, etc. Be careful near the lower part of the body. Wrap the saran wrap around those areas a few times until if feels tight. Put on some sweats and let it go 1-2 hours. It's not comfortable, but it works miracles 🙂. You can do this from the first prep day until the night before the shoot. You can mix in some running cardio before wrapping each day to sweat it out a bit more, wear heavy running clothes.
Shoot day - 3d (before the shoot)
  • Cut your protein down to .5g per pound of body weight (120 lbs = 60g protein)
  • Up your carb intake, make it from vegetables, not fruit, sugar, flour, you can do some starches like potatoes
  • You can still intermittent fast if needed
  • Fat content should be minimized, you can do healthy fats, but avoid oils
  • You’ll still hit your 10 calories per pound of weight
  • No sugars or processed carbs.
  • No added salt
  • Avoid Dairy
  • NO SHAKES (I know)…
  • Keep your 2 liters extra of water for this day too
  • Run 30-40 minutes, not stressful (wear something heavier so you sweat)
  • Eliminate all other exercise, you can do lower ab if you want.
  • Wrap in saran wrap
  • Aminogen 3x a day if you have it.
  • Celluloss 2-3 per 3x per day
    Shoot day - 2
  • Same as yesterday but
  • Cut your water consumption in half
  • Faux tan (once or twice, skip till Wednesday if you’re applying just one day, if you’re doing the professional spray tan, you should do it in the afternoon today or morning tomorrow)
  • plenty of complex carbs such as rice, potatoes, yams and oatmeal, less vege’s, lower the fat’s close to 0. This will push water into your muscles and out of the skin.
    Shoot day - 1
  • Same as yesterday
  • Cut your calories in half so you will be eating below the 1200 min we suggest.
  • If you want to get a massage, it might help.
  • Cut back to 1 liter max after noon till the next morning, stop eating IF
  • You can do the wrap longer this day if you want, depending on what you’re looking like
  • I have not tested the wraps with all types of spray tans, it should be okay, but you might test or skip the wrap after the tan
  • By the way, take some pics and post them to this stream so we can see daily progress…flex those abs (blow out the air completely and crunch down, sometimes laughing helps them flex)
  • Stop eating after 2pm.
  • If you are backed up, I suggest smooth move tea after your last meal
  • Shoot day
  • Shoot day, bring some water, fruit and foods you have cravings for (after the shoot). Any accessories you have would be great, towels, wraps, etc. You’ll have some fruit and some water prior to shooting (and it will make you happy). Relax, I’ll teach you how to pose, we’ll be doing 5-10 shots per look, if you bring multiple outfits we’ll shoot everyone first then do the multi’s later.

How to Dress for Your Body type

So what should you wear? Well don't worry, we'll review outfits with you before the photoshoot! Gut, you may want to watch some of the videos to the right to find the right fashion and outfits for your shape. It's great advice as you begin to replace that wardrobe that's too big once you start to lose that weight. The right outfit can make a 10-20 pound difference. The wrong outfit can add those same pounds. Take some time, learn about your body shape and dress for the new you.

What kind of Jeans to wear

Picking Clothes for Your Body type

Picking Clothes for Your Body type