What is a ProjectMe 6-week cycle

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Core Cross Fit Phoenix has partnered to bring ProjectMe to the Phoenix downtown area. Starting this September 6th, we’re looking for 15 women to join our program . Our coaches and fifteen women working together to help each other reach their individual goals. We tailor your exercise program to fit your unique needs and limitations.

If you’re committed to permanent change and willing to commit to the yourself and the group, then apply below. Make sure you are committed to a full 6-week program and making it to the end.

Starts September 6th @ Core Crossfit, Phoenix

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902 E McKinley St
Phoenix,AZ 85006


Fifteen Goals, one mission!- ProjectMe

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, look great in that dress for vacation, have more energy for your kids, or yourself or get into insane shape. We’ve seen everything from losing 100 lbs to baby bouncebacks. And, you’ll have your team to support you.
Our commitment is to help you get into the best shape you can and teach you how to change your lifestyle for long-term, lasting results.


The best news is ProjectMe is only $249.

A typical crossfit membership for six weeks can run $225 by itself, not including all the other benefits of ProjectMe!

Applicant Requirements

  • General Requirements

    You must be able to make every workout, 3 days a week for 6 weeks! Make sure you put in the effort each and every week and help motivate others to do the same.

  • Miscellaneous Requirements

    This is a female only challenge and you will need to take before and after pictures. You must be there for the full 6 weeks, the first is the toughest, it gets easier from there.

  • Team mates

    This is about meeting your goals, not losing the most weight. You need to be disciplined and stick with the nutrition plan. Nutrition for some goals can be as much as 80% of the equation.

  • Work Ethic

    This is a team effort, if you’re a lone wolf, this probably isn’t for you. You need to come energized to give it your all and you need to follow the rules of the gym. Each gym has a unique culture, we’ll be glad to explain it to you in the interview.

Provided by ProjectMe

  • Group Workouts

    We provide 3 group workouts per week, these are designed to make you sweat and get you in shape, but the workouts can be altered to meet your physical limitations and tailored to you current fitness level

  • Meal Plan

    We’ve provided a great baseline meal plan at 1600-1800 calories per day. It will be tailored and scaled to help meet your weight loss and/or fitness goals. Your gym may provide additional nutritional guidance.

  • Online Support Group

    Our private and secret Facebook is ProjectMe participants only. The coaches are there to support you and hundreds of ProjectMe’s from across the US are there to support, help and share with everyone. They support and encourage you when you’re faltering and cheer for you when you succeed!

  • ProjectMe Resource Access

    You’ll get your own private access to the ProjectMe Me’s only website. It has resources, recipes, helpful links to fitness resources across the internet. You can access all of your meal plans there and get your day-by-day education on diet/fitness and exercise.

If you are interested and are willing to work, scroll down and fill out an application. We’ll schedule an interview with you. We are looking for people that are going to work hard at not only their goals but be there for the team mate. It’s not a quick fix, this will take work. Make sure you’re ready if you fill out the application!

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