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Please take a moment to complete the following steps
Welcome to the ProjectMeTM. Before you leave, please complete the following steps immediately if you can. You will also receive an email with this info to follow up just in case. Please make sure you check your junk mail if you don't get the email in less than an hour.

Now, let's get you access to the new site and get you signed up on the private support pages.

1. Our weekly virtual meetings will be on Tuesday at 8:00pm (Mountain Time) on Facebook Live on our main site. If you aren't a fan already, please become a fan and turn on notifications.

2. Also, please add two friends on Facebook

3. Make sure you ask to be part of our Private Support Group if you’re not already, just request to join.

You can access ProjectMe at using the username and password you just provided. The ProjectMe education is provided in semi-daily updates in the private group and core education is accessible from the Me's only page. If you are a referral partner, you will receive and email with additional instructions.
Now that you've completed the above, In order to provide you with the best results in your program, we have all of your next steps set for you on the ProjectMe member portal. It is important that you log in ASAP and start following your first steps, including defining your meal plan, picking your workout program and taking and sharing your starting stats and pictures! Please log in here
Steps 1-3 are defined about midway through the page once you log in. A video is provided to help you get these key steps done.
Caley and Jay (ProjectMe Founders)
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