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No matter where you are starting, ProjectMe has the complete solution for you!!

ProjectMeTM helps women of all ages and stages achieve results they are proud of! Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 100+ pounds... Add on muscle or cut in a six pack...or maybe enjoy a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery that keeps baby's health and breastfeeding number one... ProjectMe™️ is for you!

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Listen to this short video to find out why ProjectMe is totally unique and delivers such amazing long lasting results.


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MY Goals, MY Needs, MY Results!


What Does ProjectMe™️ include?  

ProjectMe™️ delivers Next Level results because it is an all in one program.  No more finding (and paying for) a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a point system, a coach, mindset training,  a meet up group, an online workout program and a photographer...  We have done all of that for you!  We brought together all of the professionals in one simple platform.  

THIS is why ProjectMe™️ delivers NextLevel long lasting results!!  


Complete Workout Program

Simple Effective & Fun

Our workout programs are designed by Certified Trainers in order to provide effective full body toning and conditioning from home. Each workout is appx 20 minutes long and more advanced option are available. Multiple programs for multiple levels. Working out IS NOT REQUIRED to get results.

Easy Nutrition Plan

Stop Dieting...Start Enjoying

Diets don't work. Diets are teporary and unsuccessful long term. ProjectMe teaches you some very simple tools that will change the way you look at food. YES you can have your cake and eat it too! We will provide you with personalized macros, meal plan and proper supplementation for the results you desire.

Weekly Huddle

Live Q&A

If it were easy... we ALL would have our ideal health, energy and weight. The fact is that getting your long lasting results requires a mindset shift and this is a learning process. You will have great days and challenging days and you WILL have questions and need personal support. Our Weekly Q&A session will help you face challenges, overcome adversity and but through plataues!

Weekly Education

Knowledge is Power!

What are macros and do they really matter? Why is it about NUTRIENTS not calories? How important is exercise? What simple tools will keep me on track? Can I still enjoy my pizza and beer? There are so many AMAZING things to learn that will make your journey fun and long lasting!! We teach you tools to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF long term - all while having the confidence to enjoy life!

Motivation & Accountability

You Know What To Do... But Will You?

One of the most unique factors of ProjectMe™️ is we provide you with the motivation to stay on track! Many people SAY they are going to start on a healthy path but they fall off in weeks or even days! We provide you with multiple reasons to keep pushing forward. From weekly check ins and recognition to enticing photo sessions! You will WANT to keep pushing forward with ProjectMe™️


Meet People Running After a Healthy Life!

Stay connected with 100's of other me's week in and week out. Share your results, successes and failures and be inspired by other Me's on their journey to success. Our ladies have built amazing connections through the ProjectMe™️ community! We had people join together for workouts in person and online, sign up for races around the nation and so much more!

Photoshoot Opportunities

NO MODELS - Just a bunch of confident women after treating their bodies to a healthy lifestyle!!

Not Required... But It Sure is Fun!!!

The idea of a photoshoot may seem ridiculous to you....or it may have been the first thing that attracted you to ProjectMe™️... either way, consider this: After putting in the time and energy to change your lifestyle and discover ways to enjoy getting healthy in a positive way, results start to come. First you lose the 10lbs... then the 40... then you start to cut in muscles you didn't even know you had! Eventually you look in the mirror and smile at the women standing in front of you with complete love and confidence!!! Now is the time to own it!! With ProjectMe™️ you have opportunities for group photoshoots as you are on your journey, individual experiences as you reach your goals and finally the Next Level Complete Experience including a shopping spree, make up, hair and elite photo session valued at $1900!


Request my FREE 10 Minute Personal Convo with a coach to discuss:

MY Goals, MY Needs, MY Results!


Here are just a few of our me's that struggled throughout their life during different cycles from gaining muscle to recovering from pregnancy to just losing weight. We literally have 100's of stories just like these!

ProjectMe™️ has been delivering amazing results for a decade and for our 10 year anniversary we are taking it to the NEXT LEVEL!  
 Our unique program includes EVERYTHING you need to transform. The technicalities of losing weight seem to be simple...
Eat less + Move more = Results.
But if that's the case, why is over 2/3 or the US overweight or obese? It isn't that easy because you don't have:
  • A detailed but simple plan 
  • A support system 
  • Knowledge of nutrients
  • Workouts that aren't daunting 
  • Loving accountability
  • Coaching when things aren't working
  • Ways to make getting fit a NATURAL result of what you do
  • A unified tribe running after results
  • The motivation to keep going
  • The coaching to lose the weight AND MAINTAIN THE LOSS!!!  
    ProjectMe™️ hears the same thing over and over:
  • "I didn't think I could get this type of results??"
  • "I thought I might lose 20lbs... but 35!??"
  • "I never would have dreamed of having a six pack in my 40s!"
  • "I didn't know it would be so simple to maintain my results!"
  • "I love that I can go on vacation and enjoy and I know exactly how to lose any weight gain right when I come home!"
  • "I was NOT interested in a photoshoot but after losing 50lbs my confident new self said YES!"
We support you with all of the tools you need to finally achieve those results you are looking for. And we hope that you don't just achieve results with us... we hope you EXCEED your goals! Join us for results this year and get ready to HAVE FUN while accomplishing your goals.
WE DO NOT DIET - We teach proper nutrition techniques and provide elite supplementation with high quality nutrients.
WE DO NOT FORCE WORKOUTS - We provide multiple comprehensive at home workout programs done from the comfort of your home averaging 20 minutes per session... but they are NOT required. In fact our client, Amanda, just lost over 105lbs without working out at all
WE DO NOT ELIMINATE THE THINGS YOU LOVE - If we say "no more pizza and beer".... all you are going to be thinking about is pizza and beer. We practice moderation so you can have your cake and eat it too. If you are interested in hearing more, visit us and fill out the quick interest form and a coach will contact you back via text or phone - your choice!