ProjectMe – Sample Meal Plan

Our Nutritional Philosophy

Our nutrition philosophy is based on balanced nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle. We refer to this balance as the Livable ZoneTM. Through long-term lifestyle changes, not fad diets and quick fixes, we believe in creating healthy habits along with providing wellness programs that are easy to understand, effective, functional and fun. Everyone’s nutritional needs are different so we take an individualistic approach when working with clients. By developing a plan that fits your lifestyle and your body we can help individuals reach their optimum health.

The nutrition field is constantly revolving as new studies come out, but there are some key basic nutrition tips that remain consistent:

Weekly meal plan

The meal plan listed below is a guideline. It’s based on 1400 to 1600 calories per day. You will need to meet with your coach to scale this number to an appropriate level based on your fitness goals from weight loss to muscle gain. As with any meal plan, if you have any medical conditions, please review this meal plan with your doctor and/or nutritionist.

The menu samples above are guidelines. You can easily substituted foods in the appropriate category. We’ve provided a food substitution list you can use. Print it and put it on your fridge. Then simply make swaps out to create new meals.

  • Real Food Diet

    Choose nutritious foods such as lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables with minimal processing. Make sure you can identify what is in the food you are eating.

  • Consistency

    One meal won’t make or break your diet it’s consistency that will keep you on track. By eating throughout the day and not skipping meals you will develop healthy eating patterns that nourish your body, maintain energy and accomplish tasks of daily life.

  • Positive Food Choices

    Many foods can be part of a balanced, healthy diet when properly moderated. Diets that include instead of restrict can provide diversity and positive eating habits. We do not support labeling individual foods as “good” or “bad” instead there are “better” or “worse” choices.


Try some new recipes, we update this section frequently!