The Glycemic Index?

Glycemic index is an index that rates how quickly carbs get converted to glucose in the body. The scale is from 0 to 100 with 100 being the quickest converting foods. Glucose itself is given a rating of 100. So why is this important? Your body is at its best when blood sugar is kept as close to constant as possible. Blood sugar that is too low causes increased hunger and makes you feel tired. If it’s too high, your body will release insulin, which in turn will drive the blood sugar low again. You can definitely increase your rate of fat storage. For a more complete treatment of the glycemic index, check out.

Here is a great quick list of the glycemic index of common foods. Check out rice, potatoes, etc. You’d be surprised how high of a value they have. Seemingly healthy recipes can kill your blood sugar.

The image above is from MedicineNet, Inc. You can find out more about the Pancreas which is responsible for scremeting pancreatic juices and hormones, including insulin.

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